We Tried the Viral Bissell Little Green Machine—And The Results Are Disgustingly Good

If you have kids, pets or can't seem to avoid inevitable spills and stains, take this as your sign to add the Bissell Little Green Machine to your cart. Our results will make you want to deep clean your home ASAP.

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Bissell Little Green Machine Madi Koetting/Taste of Home

As a cleaning-obsessed homebody and pet parent, I’ve spent several years investing in high-quality gadgets to keep my home in tip-top shape. Anyone who relates knows a closet filled with the best cleaning products cuts down on chore time (looking at you, Tineco VacMop). Rock star cleaning products also offer peace of mind knowing your gadgets are really deep cleaning the home. During this time, I’ve curated a list of non-negotiable cleaning heroes: Grove Collaborative’s eco-friendly products, an electric spin scrubber for the bathroom, and my new favorite gadget: the Bissell Little Green Machine. Read on for our official Bissell Little Green Machine review.

What is the Bissell Little Green Machine?

Also known as a portable upholstery cleaner, the Little Green Machine uses wet/dry vacuum technology to eliminate tough stains and spills. I like to call it a magic eraser for couches, car seat cushions and carpets because it makes surfaces look (and feel) brand new. So how does it work? Simply fill the clean tank with water and one capful of the included cleaning solution. Then, plug it in, spray stains with the scrub brush attachment, and vacuum the area in an upward motion to clean. After a few short minutes, stains magically lift away while making surfaces look and smell as fresh as day one. It’s that easy!

Speaking of, you’ll never use a dustpan again after trying a stationary vacuum.

We Tried It

Bissell Little Green Machine

The wet/dry vacuum is like a magic eraser on couch cushions, car seats and carpet.

Bissell Little Green Machine Features

Features of Bissell Little Green MachineMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

  • Portable
  • 48-ounce dirty tank capacity
  • Includes cleaning solution
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Size: 8.25 x 17.25 x 12.5 (DxWxH)

How We Tested It: Bissell Little Green Machine Review

My initial review began in September 2023. Upon unboxing, my Little Green Machine arrived mostly assembled. A few parts, like the cord holder and spray brush, required manual attachment. The instructions for adding these pieces were simple and took a mere five minutes. Next, I filled the clean tank with water and a capful of the included cleaning solution. All that was left was to plug in the device and press the power button. Time for my Bissell Little Green Machine review!


Spilled coffee on the couch and a clean white couchMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

To put this gadget to a true test, I spilled black coffee all over my white couch. Risky, I know—but this is the best way to test its limits. I let it sit for 30 minutes, then went in with the Little Green Machine. All it takes is spraying the solution all over the affected area and then working the scrub brush in an upward motion to vacuum. I discovered it’s best to move the scrub brush in multiple angles to clean the entire surface. I followed this process of spraying, scrubbing and vacuuming three to four times before I saw visible results, which is expected based on all the Bissell Little Green Machine reviews I’ve read. Still, in just 10 minutes, my white couch no longer had a black coffee stain. After about an hour of drying, my white couch looked as bright as day one. My initial spilled coffee test proved the Little Green Machine is solid gold.


Spilled Juice on the carpet and a clean carpetMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Time for risk number two: dumping orange juice on my carpet. Just like my couch, I let the orange juice stain soak in for 30 minutes. Going in with the machine, I rigorously sprayed the carpet with solution and began vacuuming. Immediately, orange juice started filling up the dirty tank. Cleaning with this gadget is so satisfying and dare I say, fun. Yes, the final result is amazing, but vacuuming is just as delightful because it’s like a magic eraser. The key is numerous sprays and at least five minutes of vacuuming to ensure the stain is lifted from deep within the upholstered surface. After five minutes, the carpet fibers were no longer crusted over with orange juice—and it smelled fresh, too!

Other Surfaces and Messes

As I mentioned, I’m a pet parent. Though my dog, CeCe, is mostly trained, there are always occasional pet accidents. And if they’re on carpet, it can be as long as a few days or weeks until I catch a crusty stain. I’ve tested a lot of pet stain removers, but nothing cleans the carpet quite as well as the Bissell Little Green Machine. If I catch the pet stain immediately, I always treat the area with an enzymatic spray and clean it the next day with the green machine. If it’s an old stain, I immediately go in with the green machine.

I then tested the machine on a recent accident on my bedroom carpet. I’m not exaggerating when I say it could have been there for months before I caught it. Firing up the Little Green Machine, I saturated the area with the solution and vacuumed it in multiple up, down and side-to-side motions. Whiffs of pet urine lifted away as I cleaned the carpet, signaling the machine was deep cleaning the fibers. When I was finished, the dirty tank was a dark brown—aka the sign of the machine’s success. Better yet, my carpet no longer had a layer of yellow crust on the top.


  • Multipurpose portable carpet cleaner
  • Eliminates stains on any upholstered surface
  • Powerful suction
  • Fun to use
  • Large dirty water tank capacity means less rinses in between cleanings
  • Works on tough pet stains
  • Includes cleaning solution
  • Removes odors
  • One-year limited warranty


  • It’s not cordless
  • Must clean the machine immediately after use to avoid odors or malfunctions
  • If you want to clean an entire couch or rug, it will take a while, but the results are worth it


Cleaning the carpet with Bissell Little Green MachineMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

What is the Bissell Little Green Machine used for?

The Bissell Little Green Machine is a portable wet/dry vacuum that removes stains or spills on upholstered surfaces: couches, carpets, rugs, throw pillows, seat cushions, car seat covers—you name it. Any surface with a stain—whether new or five years old—is no match for this gadget.

Does Bissell Little Green leave couch wet?

Because the machine is a wet vacuum, surfaces are left somewhat damp and will need to air dry for at least one hour. The machine combines water and liquid cleaning solution to thoroughly clean couch cushions and beyond, so make sure to suction up every last bit, even after stains are no longer visible, to ensure surfaces dry properly.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Five-star reviewer Collin M. writes, “I absolutely love this thing, for certain, it’s simply magic. We had a stain in the house for YEARS that refused to come up no matter what cleaner you used on it, and was removed in a couple minutes with this bad boy. The water that came up from that old stain was so dark it was disturbing, haha. The only problem now is that the spot where the stain was is now so clean that it makes the rest of the carpet look dirty, lol. Definitely, 100% would recommend!”

“So, with multiple kittens in the apartment, plus kiddo’s got his dog visiting for a little while, as you can imagine, my poor carpet’s taken quite a beating these last three months,” writes verified purchaser T. Rea Okerberg. “Since I can’t afford to have one of those upright shampooers, not only because of their price tag but because of how bulky they are and I lack the space to store it when it’s not being used, I knew I needed to find SOMETHING that would work. Hello, Bissell Little Green! This little guy is SO strong with its suction, it cleaned the mess up super well, and you can’t even tell where he’d marked!”

Product Comparison

Though the classic Little Green Machine is the most popular portable carpet cleaner Bissell offers, it’s not the only one. The brand offers several more portable carpet cleaners like the Pet Pro Portable Carpet CleanerCordless Little Green Machine (ideal for cars or areas where an outlet isn’t nearby), HydroSteam and the ProHeat. These machines are more heavy-duty than the classic model, so it truly depends on how deep of a clean your home or business requires. From my tests, I’ve found the classic Little Green Machine is an ultra-powerful spot cleaner for stains, spills, dirt and grime produced by humans or pets. It also works wonders cleaning entire couches and rugs, just note it requires a little more manpower and patience.

For pet parents, Bissell’s Little Green Pet Pro line is ideal for homes with multiple furry friends who frequently have accidents or get dirt on upholstery. The machine’s technology is specifically designed for big pet messes, making it a saving grace in the event of serious pet accidents. If your pets are small or their accidents are rare, the classic Little Green Machine cleans just as well.

Choosing a portable carpet cleaner comes down to personal preference. The HydroSteam and ProHeat models have heat technology and additional tools that permanently remove stains and deep-clean fibers. Rest assured that no matter what model you choose, upholstered surfaces are guaranteed to get a serious deep clean.

Final Verdict

Bissell Little Green Machine with a liquid soap

If you can’t tell by now, my Bissell Little Green Machine review proves this cleaning device is solid gold. I found it takes a healthy amount of spraying and vacuuming to truly eliminate stains. Because it’s a wet/dry vacuum, surfaces are wet post-vacuuming. Be patient if the upholstered item isn’t in A+ condition right away. It’s also important to vacuum every last bit of liquid or else surfaces won’t dry properly. Still, cleaning with the machine is as easy as spraying, scrubbing and vacuuming to transform any upholstered surface. The bottom line: any home with kids, pets or everyday stains they can’t seem to remove can benefit from the Bissell Little Green Machine.

Where to Buy the Bissell Little Green Machine

We Tried It

Bissell Little Green Machine

The wet/dry vacuum transforms surfaces to like-new condition.

If you have kids, pets or can’t seem to avoid messy spills (aka literally everyone), take our Bissell Little Green Machine review as your sign to add the grime-busting pro to your cart. Find it on Amazon, the Bissell website, Walmart and Target where it goes for around $123.

Considering it revives any upholstered surface (couch cushions, car seats, rugs—you name it) back to like-new condition, it’s one of the best cleaning gadgets to have in your back pocket when serious messes occur. Not to mention it’s a much more affordable alternative to hiring a professional cleaner. If you need me, I’ll be freshening up the couch with this fun gadget!

Next, check out the Bissell Steam Shot for hard-to-reach cracks and crevices.

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