About Taste of Home

Taste of Home was founded in 1993 on a simple premise: Home cooks are the best cooks. Special recipes are at the heart of so many of our warmest memories—families gathered around holiday tables or celebrating special occasions with friends. Even neighborhood potlucks, impromptu cookouts and simple weeknight dinners are made better by sharing from-scratch dishes made with love. It has been our privilege to share recipes and cooking inspiration with millions of people for almost three decades through our magazines, books, videos and website.

Who We Are

Our Home Cooks

Taste of Home’s network of home cooks is the heart of the brand. Passionate about food and entertaining, they have their own home test kitchens, creating new recipes and sharing the stories behind them with us. Our recipe contests provide opportunities for home cooks to win cash prizes for dishes judged the best by the Taste of Home editors (enter a contest now).

We also have a dedicated team of Community Cooks: home cooks from around the U.S. and Canada who share what’s cooking in their own kitchens and neighborhoods. They represent Taste of Home in their communities, contribute in every issue of the magazine and provide expertise for many of our digital articles. Our audience includes people from all walks of life with varied backgrounds, interests and perspectives—all are welcome here.

Our Editors

Taste of Home’s editors are home cooks just like you, but we’re journalists, too. We know how to hunt down the latest trends, spotlight people who are making a difference and evaluate products and services that we know our readers will love. We’re always looking for great recipes to delight our family and friends and genius cooking tips that help us get the job done. From smart grocery shopping hints and guidance on the best kitchen appliances to timesaving weeknight meals and creative party planning, we love to uncover and share ways to bring people together.

Our Test Kitchen

The pros in our Test Kitchen come from culinary schools and restaurants across the country. They put every recipe through the paces before publication to ensure the best results when you make it yourself (see “What We Do” for details). They tweak and adjust proportions of ingredients and provide great ideas for variations and substitutions. When they’re not hard at work in our Test Kitchen, the test cooks star in our cooking videos, providing step-by-step instruction, and tips and tricks needed to turn out delicious results every time.

What We Do

Home cooks send us about 10,000 recipes every year. But before a recipe is published, it must be Test Kitchen-approved. Here’s how it works:

Our knowledgeable food editors review each recipe we receive and send the best candidates to the Test Kitchen. Testing every step, our Test Kitchen cooks ensure the amounts, equipment, temperature and method are accurate. If something doesn’t turn out as expected, they make adjustments until the recipe is right.

The Test Kitchen hosts tasting panels, where a group of expert editors and culinary staff evaluates them on flavor, texture, appearance and ease of preparation. When we’re satisfied, we send the recipe back to the Test Kitchen for final preparation, then to the photo studio to be styled and shot. At that point, the recipe is ready to be published so you can make it in your own kitchen.

We don’t stop with recipes: our team tests packaged foods, kitchen gadgets and cleaning supplies, too. We’ve spent countless hours vetting products in our thorough testing process to determine the best. Winners earn our Test Kitchen-Preferred seal of approval.

Our Editorial Process

For more than three decades, Taste of Home has been providing its audience with recipes, cooking tips and entertaining ideas that inspire home cooks in their everyday lives and on special occasions. In addition to having our own staff of experts, we hire contributors who have honed their skills through years of experience in the food and beverage industries, and passionate cooks and bakers who have translated their culinary knowledge into careers as respected creators.

At Taste of Home, we pride ourselves on the reliability of our content and employ expert editors to ensure the accuracy of the information and advice we share. From our origin as a magazine publisher to our status as a multiplatform media brand, we also use the latest tools and technologies to ideate stories that answer our audience’s most pressing culinary questions and encourage them to cook, bake and entertain. This includes leveraging artificial intelligence tools approved by the company as part of our editorial process, from identifying and researching important topics to uncovering home cooks’ most frequently asked questions.

As the world changes, we will continue to experiment, adapt and leverage leading-edge technology in the planning and creation of compelling, high-quality and trustworthy content. Leading the charge in using these tools are humans—editors, writers and culinary staff who bring unmatched wisdom, experience and creativity to our editorial process. These talented team members and contributors are essential to maintaining the journalistic integrity and creativity that are core to our brand values. No matter what technologies surface in the years to come, real people will remain essential to every step of our editorial process, and an experienced team member will review and vet each piece before it is published.

Our Products

From a flagship magazine to cookbooks to our very own cookware line, Taste of Home has all the products and resources you need to cook and entertain like a pro.

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