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This guide is packed with straightforward nutrition tips to help you eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Why Do Pregnant Women Crave Pickles?

Why do pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream? Well, the science is mixed.

Are Pumpkin Seeds Good for You?

Though relatively high in calories, a small handful of pumpkin seeds packs a big nutritional punch.

Are Pickles Good for You?

Pickles might be a fruit—but are pickles good for you? It's the food question that people can't stop Googling! Find...

How Much Cholesterol Per Day Can You Have, Really?

OK, let's get real. How much cholesterol per day can people actually eat? And how much cholesterol is too much?

How Do You Increase “Good” Cholesterol?

High-density lipoprotein, or HDL, is the "good cholesterol" we're all after. Carrie Madormo, RN, explains how to raise good cholesterol...

10 Healthy Drinks You’re Not Drinking—Yet!

Sure, water is the smartest drink out there, but if you're craving something more, these healthy drinks will give you...

9 Exceptional Tart Cherry Juice Benefits for Your Health

From cancer protection to better workouts, tart cherry juice may be the best-kept secret to more vibrant health.

10 Sneaky Foods That Can Increase Your Blood Sugar

You know you should avoid processed foods and sugary treats if you're watching your blood sugar levels, but there are...

The Best and Worst High-Carb Foods for Your Health

We can have our carbs and be healthy, too! For a smart energy boost, turn to high-carb foods with something...

The Scientific Reason Why Some People Think Artificial Sweeteners Taste Bitter

Why do artificial sweeteners taste bitter to some people and sweet to others? Science has the answer.

The Best Spices for Your Health

Lower your cholesterol, boost your immune system and add mega flavor to your favorite dishes with these good-for-you spices.

Peanut Butter Nutrition: Here’s What You Need to Know

It's hard to resist a spoonful of peanut butter. But is this creamy treat good for you? Let's look at...

Is Popcorn Healthy?

It's so hard to resist the aroma of that fresh-popped corn. But is popcorn healthy for you?

15 Best Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

For more energy during the day, pack your diet with healthy metabolism-boosting foods.

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This Is the Healthiest Oil for Frying Food

The oil you use to make salad dressing isn't necessarily the healthiest oil for frying. We take a look at...

If You Don’t Eat a Banana Every Day, This Might Convince You to Start

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Not so much. Try this fruit, instead.

10 Health Benefits of Dates

The health benefits of dates couldn't be sweeter!

10 Kombucha Health Benefits

These days kombucha is available everywhere from your local health food store to your gas station. But what makes this...

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Are Cashews Good for You? Here’s What You Need to Know.

With their sweet, buttery taste, they're everyone's favorite nut, but are cashews good for you?

9 Ways That Kimchi Benefits Your Health

You may know and love kimchi as one of your favorite spicy Korean pickled treats. But is kimchi good for...

8 Lactation Foods Every New Mom Should Know

Feel healthier while making more milk for your baby with these lactation foods every mom should know.

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Healthy Peanut Butter

What makes healthy peanut butter, well, healthy? We break down what you should look for on the label, plus some...

Wild Rice vs. Brown Rice vs. Quinoa—Which Is Best?

Searching for the healthiest whole grain? Join us as we compare wild rice, brown rice and quinoa to discover which...

The Best Sugar-Free Snacks to Boost Your Energy

It's easy to choose a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth without any refined sugar. Here are some of...

10 Surprising Strawberry Benefits for Your Health and Wellness

These strawberry benefits justify picking up an extra pint of ruby-reds from the market. As if they weren't sweet enough...

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How Much Should Baby Eat During the First Year?

How much should Baby eat? Use the chart below to see how often an infant should be eating month-by-month, through...

10 of the Healthiest Fruits for Your Body

Forget fancy superfoods—these nutritious powerhouses are essential staples for any healthy diet.

10 of the Healthiest Vegetables You Can Eat

No list of healthiest vegetables would be complete without these nutritious powerhouses.

8 Lactose-Free Food Swaps Anyone with an Intolerance Needs to Know

Being lactose intolerant isn't fun, but it's not impossible. There are a variety of lactose-free foods out there to spice...

10 Family-Friendly Foods to Add to Your Healthy Grocery List

It can be hard to create a healthy grocery list, especially when children are involved. Read on for tasty ways...

9 Superfoods to Eat When You Want to Feel Healthier

We're shining the spotlight on wholesome foods that can provide you with major nutritional benefits.