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Looking for the best ingredients and snacks the store has to offer? Taste of Home editors are unwrapping and testing them all. Find out our favorites. They might just be your new go-to!

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The Best Ginger Ale: Our Top Soda Picks

Time to settle the debate (and some stomachs). We found the best ginger ale for sipping and mixing.

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The Best Olives You Can Buy

Whether you're making martinis or a Greek salad, you want the very best olives. Our testers tried 11 brands to...

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The Best Store-Bought Hummus According to Our Snack Pros

Hummus has become a snack spread must, but do you know what the best store-bought hummus is? Our pro testers...

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The Best Bagged Popcorn for Quick Fix Snacking

We love shortcut snacks! Find out who makes the best bagged popcorn, according to our taste test.

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The Best NA Beers for Every Palette

Want to enjoy the taste of a brew without the buzz? Our team sampled 16 brands to find the best...

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Taste Test: Our Test Kitchen’s Best Root Beer Picks

What brand do you turn to for your float? Our team sampled 10 brands to find the best root beer.

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The Best Hard Cider Picks for Fall

Our team of fall fanatics sampled 12 brands to find the best hard cider to sip beside the fire or...

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The Best Premade Pie Crust Options as Chosen by Baking Pros

Make quick work of your next bake by starting with the best premade pie crust. Here are our pros' top...

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The Best Almond Extract, as Chosen by Our Test Kitchen

Our pros sampled 10 brands to find the best almond extract. Is it the bottle you have in your pantry?

We Tried Coca-Cola Y3000 and It Took Us Back to the Future

Not saying we loved it, but the stupendously sweet Coca-Cola Y3000 is worth a try.

The Best Fast Food Fried Chicken, Ranked

We set out to find the best fast-food fried chicken at national restaurant chains. The results are surprising, and you...

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Taste Test: The Best Italian Sausage Links

Ready to fire up the grill? Make sure you've got the best Italian sausage links at the ready—along with plenty...

All the Drinks on the McDonald’s Coffee Menu, Ranked by a Former Barista

Your cheat sheet for choosing your favorite beverage from the McDonald's coffee menu.

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The Best Chili Crisp According to Our Spice-Loving Pros

Do you have the best chili crisp in your cupboard? Our pros sampled 12 options to find the right jar...

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The 7 Best Coffee Brands of 2023

Brewing a pot at home? We tasted 30 different types to find the best coffee brands.

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The Best Frozen Sweet Potato Fries

Next time you're in the freezer aisle, snag a bag of the best sweet potato fries. Our pros have recommendations!

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Pick of the Pints: The Best Vanilla Ice Cream

Get your scoops ready! We found the very best vanilla ice cream from the grocery store.

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The Best Honey: Our Taste Test Revealed These Favorites

After combing through grocery shelves and sampling 11 brands, we're abuzz about finding the best honey. Check out our pros'...

Our Definitive Ranking of Milano Cookie Flavors

Who doesn't love Milano cookies? Flavors like mint chocolate, milk chocolate and chocolate orange all sound delicious, but which are...

Here’s Where to Find the Best Grocery Store Sushi

In the search for the best grocery store sushi, what chain offers the freshest rolls?

The Best Graham Crackers for S’mores and Beyond

Get ready for s'mores season with the best graham crackers. Our pros found out if Honey Maid is really the...

Who Makes the Best Almond Butter? Our Pros Tried 10 to Find Out

Finding the best almond butter can be a challenge. You want it to be creamy but not runny, flavorful but...

The Best Premade Pizza Crust, According to Pizza Pros

Prepping for a pizza party? These are the best premade pizza crust brands you can buy, according to our Test...

We Tasted 6 Off-Brand Pop-Tarts—Here Are the Best Ones

Need breakfast on the go? We tried off-brand Pop-Tarts to find out how well these morning treats stacked up against...

I Tasted 7 Off-Brand Cheez-Its to Find the Best Ones

Do any off-brand Cheez-Its come close to capturing the cheese cracker crown?

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I Ate 9 Bags of Off-Brand Doritos to Find the Best Ones

Do any off-brand Doritos compare to the real deal? I put nine contenders (and my stomach) to the test.

The Best Barbecue Sauce Picks for Your Cookout

Get ready for grilling season by snagging the best barbecue sauce. Our team of pitmasters sampled 11 brands to find...

I Taste Tested 14 Off-Brand Sodas to Find the Best Ones

What Coke copycat is most like the Real Thing? And what about Mountain Dew, Sprite and Dr Pepper doppelgangers? To...

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Who Makes the Best Ginger Beer? We Tested 10 Brands to Find Out

Before you mix that Moscow Mule, make sure you're pouring the best ginger beer into your copper mug. Our pros...

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The Best Blueberry Muffin Mix: Our Pro Bakers’ Top Picks

Looking to stir up something sweet without much fuss? You'll want the very best blueberry muffin mix. Check out our...

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Who Makes the Best Jelly Beans? We Tested 10 Brands to Find Out

Getting ready for Easter? Make sure the best jelly beans hop into your shopping cart.