Bruvi Review: I Can Brew My Morning Coffee From Bed

I'm a coffee addict, and this is the best coffee pod machine around. The smart app-compatible, touchscreen device brews seven drinks.

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As a coffee snob, I’m not the biggest fan of single-serve coffee makers. I usually prefer my French press. Typically, single-serve coffee makers excel in convenience and speed, but not taste. Bruvi claims to make a coffee house-grade cup of coffee, including espresso and cold brew. It’s the first pod-based machine to make cold brew. And, its B-Pods are sustainable and better for the environment.

The Bruvi coffee maker is convenient because I can schedule all of my brews in advance from my phone. This aesthetically pleasing appliance brews up to seven different beverages.

What is the Bruvi Coffee Maker?

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The Bruvi coffee maker is a single-serve brewer that makes seven drinks: coffee, espresso, Americano, cold brew, iced coffee, infused coffee and tea. Bruvi scans each distinct B-Pod and auto-adjusts brew parameters. It actually brews good coffee, and it’s the smartest coffee maker I’ve ever encountered.

I’ve used my Bruvi every day for the past few months. For an appliance to top my Nespresso Vertuo Plus, which I previously used daily for six years—that’s a big deal.

Bruvi Pods

Bruvi’s main focus—they only partner with roasters who make their coffee sustainably and ethically to create their B-Pods. Each B-Pod contains 40% more coffee than the average K-Cup, and the Bruvi coffee maker saturates each pod with 20 streams of water for even extraction.

I sampled five different B-Pods in the variety pack: a Colombian light roast, an Ethiopian light roast, a medium-dark roast from Colombia and Honduras, a medium roast from Guatemala and Colombia and a medium roast espresso from Colombia and Honduras. Each coffee serves a distinct flavor reminiscent of its roast and origin. B-Pod coffee roasters on the site include Mulholland Roasters, Wonderland Coffee Spellbinder D. C. A., Equator Coffee, Lamill Coffee and Joyride for cold brew.

It’s hard to compare the Bruvi coffee maker to fresh, ground beans in my French press, but it’s pretty close. The same goes for the Espresso B-Pods to a true Espresso machine. 

Smart Machine

Using the Bruvi coffee machine is so simple with a large touchscreen control panel. After filling the removable water tank, Bruvi scans the inputted B-Pod, and the screen reflects pod options, differentiating between coffee and espresso. Select from four sizes ranging from 6 to 12 ounces. For a stronger brew, select the “stronger” option. For a coffee pod, make it hot, iced or cold brew, and for an espresso pod, brew a single, double or triple. Brew options average around three minutes, with the cold brew function taking five minutes. This is impressive, considering most cold brew coffee makers take an entire day to steep.

Once your coffee is finished, the machine chimes and sends a notification to your phone. In the app, it records which coffees you brewed, and you can schedule your brews in advance. Pre-load a B-Pod and mug, then select preferences and schedule coffee to brew from your phone. The night before, I set up my Bruvi coffee maker and scheduled it to wake me up in the morning with a hot brew. I don’t like to get out of bed, but if I smell the coffee, I’m up and at ’em.

Options & Features

I often use the “hotter” option to brew hot water for French press coffee or tea. The “hotter” brew setting also increases the beverage temperature from 155 degrees to 165 degrees. The “low acid” function uses colder water when brewing.

Sustainability is an area of concern with single-serve coffee machines, but B-Pods can simply be tossed when used—unlike Nespresso where the pods must be mailed back. Bruvi creates B-Pods with a food-safe bio-enzyme, so pods degrade in a few years, and no microplastics are left behind. Test results prove a B-Pod breaks down 63% in 577 days, whereas an untreated pod breaks down just 2%. 

Bruvi nailed the aesthetics of this coffee maker with a large sleek touchscreen, a white exterior, light wood accents and a minimalistic design. The machine itself looks smart and futuristic. The Bruvi coffee maker weighs 13.2 pounds and measures 12.6 x 10.2 x 11.5 inches. With the lid open, the machine is 17.2 inches tall.

After a B-Pod is used, it’s stored in a six-pod capacity bin. Once the bin is full, dump it in the trash. Note, the Bruvi coffee maker tends to make slight backsplash. This is a higher concern with espresso cups when the coffee has a longer distance to travel. The Bruvi’s drip tray can be adjusted to a taller height to minimize splashing when brewing in a smaller vessel. Or, remove the drip tray for mason jars and travel cups. Anything taller than 6.75 inches won’t fit under the Bruvi spout.

My main issue with the Bruvi is that you must press down very hard on the lid when inserting a pod. The first time I used the Bruvi, I thought I had broken the appliance. However, the plastic of the B-Pod just needed a good crunch. I also wish the Bruvi had a built-in milk frother. As a workaround, I use an Amazon frother. To accompany my morning brew, I employ East Fork Pottery mugs and Daysie syrups.

Toha24 Bruvi Coffee Maker Daria Smith 05 SseditDaria Smith/Taste of Home


  • Remote brewing with smart app capability
  • Four size options ranging from six to 12 ounces
  • Seven drink settings
  • Easy to use with a large touchscreen control panel
  • Makes better coffee than other single-serve coffee makers
  • Aesthetic design with white exterior and bamboo accents
  • Sustainable coffee pods


  • Only compatible with B-Pods
  • Lots of backsplash when brewing, which makes a mess on the counter
  • Lacks a milk frother
  • Must press the lid down hard when inserting pod

We Tried It

Bruvi Coffee Maker

Bruvi makes the best pod coffee machine that's a smart app-compatible, touchscreen device that brews seven drinks: coffee, espresso, Americano, cold brew, iced coffee, infused coffee and tea.

Why I Love It 

The best thing about Bruvi—it makes seriously good coffee. It’s a full-bodied, palatable cup of joe. Each roast is packed with flavor and distinguishable from the others.

No, I don’t think a single-serve coffee maker will ever beat the taste of French press coffee with freshly ground beans. However, it is easier to brew coffee in the Bruvi, and a heck of a lot quicker when I’m in a pinch for time.

When guests come over, they’re always in awe of my Bruvi and all the options. For a coffee maker, it’s quite entertaining to use with the large touchscreen control panel and smartphone app capability.

The Bruvi is aesthetic and looks beautiful on my coffee bar with a white exterior and bamboo accents. I’m all for a bright, minimalistic appliance. Plus, it’s the only single-serve coffee maker that can make so many different types of drinks. And, it’s sustainable and aesthetic!

But Don’t Take My Word for It! 

Toha24 Bruvi Coffee Maker Daria Smith 01 SseditDaria Smith/Taste of Home

I’m not alone, reviewers are obsessed with their Bruvi coffee makers.

Five-star reviewer, Tyler S. is throwing out his Keurig and encourages you to bite the bullet with Bruvi. “I don’t know what I was expecting, but all of my expectations have been exceeded. I’ve been dedicated to the Keurig brand for a good number of years now solely due to convenience, but I’ve never been too impressed with the quality of the coffee. In my opinion, Bruvi is finally an alternative to Keurig that successfully does what Keurig can’t. Coffee strength is impeccable, taste is amazing [and] it never feels watered down—I can even make strong iced lattes in the comfort of my own home! If you’re struggling to bite the bullet with Bruvi because you already have a Keurig, let this be your sign,” he writes.

Stephanie Q. says this is the best coffee maker she’s ever used. She seldom leaves reviews, but felt this one was needed. “I cannot say enough positive things about the Bruvi. We added this to our coffee bar about three weeks ago, and it has become my new favorite kitchen gadget. I was strongly against the pod system because I didn’t care for how the water sat in the machine. We used to own a Keurig, and that would often make us have stomach troubles. I have not experienced that yet with the Bruvi. I can taste the difference between the pods and feel the temperature which is amazing.”

Where to Buy the Bruvi Coffee Marker

The Bruvi coffee maker bundle retails for $398 on Bruvi’s website and Amazon with the inclusion of a brewer and 20 B-Pods. This option serves the best bang for your buck. Or, purchase the brewer alone for $373 on Bruvi.

A pack of 20 pods ranges from $22-$30, so each pod costs $1.10-$1.50. Opt for auto-delivery every two, four, eight or 12 weeks and receive a 20% discount. I always end up restocking the variety pack for an array of options.

Final verdict, the Bruvi lives up to the hype. While others may have different opinions, the Bruvi is the only pod coffee maker I’d recommend.


Bruvi Coffee Maker

Bruvi uses an auto-optimized brewing system to brew up to 40% more sustainably sourced, 100% Arabica coffee than a typical pod.

Why You Should Trust Us

I’m a Senior Shopping Editor at Taste of Home and have years of experience reviewing products. I’ve tested numerous pod coffee makers and coffee brewing vessels, including Keurig, Nespresso, Chemex, AeroPress, Bialetti and Bodum to name a few. As a coffee connoisseur, I worked at a Fair Trade-certified coffee shop in college and learned the art of coffee.


Does Bruvi use K-Cups?

No, the Bruvi coffee maker only uses B-Pods, which can be purchased on the Bruvi site.

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