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Welcome to our Community Cooks program. If you’re someone who loves whipping up fresh, exciting flavors, creating knockout party menus for family and friends, sharing pictures and videos of your latest kitchen triumphs, and baking every variety of cookie under the sun, you have found your people. To join us, all you need to do is read our list of perks and responsibilities and fill out the application at the bottom of this page.

Perks for Community Cooks

As a Community Cook, your recipes, tips, photos and videos will have a higher chance of being featured across the brand, both in print and digitally. We share inspiration from our Community Cooks across our social media channels—with an audience of nearly 10 million—including promotion on channels like Instagram and TikTok.

Community Cooks also have their very own page on, where we share their latest recipes, an interview with our Cook of the Month, and a full list of members. Here’s what else our Community Cooks can look forward to:

  • We’ll mail you a box of Taste of Home swag when you join the team.
  • You’ll receive a free print subscription to Taste of Home magazine and a discount on for as long as you’re a Community Cook.
  • You’ll get an exclusive heads up before new contests launch so you can start coming up with entry ideas.
  • We’ll call out your status as a Community Cook on all recipe reviews and comments.

In addition:

  • You may receive Taste of Home books, kitchen products, special issues and other branded goodies to test and review. Your opinions and reviews will help inform and shape the topics we cover.
  • You may have the chance to develop special recipes for Taste of Home.
  • You may have the opportunity to represent Taste of Home in media appearances in your market, like April Lee Wiencek did on Chicago’s WGN News!
  • Have a writing background like Community Cooks Nancy Mock and Kristina Vanni do? We may reach out to you with writing opportunities for Taste of Home.
  • As an active Community Cook, you may be selected to participate in sponsored articles, videos or social promotions in conjunction with advertisers in which you’ll receive compensation for participating.

Responsibilities of Community Cooks

Here’s what we’d like you to do as a Community Cook:

  • Submit a minimum of three (3) original, unique and totally delicious recipes to Taste of Home each year. Contest submissions absolutely count! (Note: Community Cooks can win contests, but being a member of our community does not guarantee preferential treatment in contests.)
  • Participate actively in our community on Rate and review a minimum of 36 recipes per year.
  • Participate in at least four (4) community initiatives each year. These include photo/video contests, surveys, recipe or cooking tip requests, and more.
  • Follow Taste of Home on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and/or YouTube. Engage with us by liking, commenting and/or sharing.
  • Share your Taste of Home pride with friends and family on social media! You can call out your favorite recipes and articles by linking to Taste of Home, using our #TOHCommunityCooks hashtag, tagging @tasteofhome (@taste_of_home on TikTok) and so much more.


How to Apply

To get started, simply fill out our easy-peasy application. We review all applications and if you’re a fit, we’ll reach out as soon as possible.

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