Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh: What’s Best?

When evaluating Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh, it's not a matter of picking which meal delivery service is best overall, but rather picking which one is best for you.

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Blue Apron Vs. HellofreshAnnamarie Higley/Taste of Home

My first experience with a meal delivery service was with HelloFresh back in 2019, when I was fresh out of college and saying hello to cooking for myself. Although I was a beginner in the kitchen, I’d long considered myself a foodie, and I was impressed by the quality and variety of the recipes, as well as the ease of preparation.

Since then, my cooking chops have improved (fortunately!), and I’ve tried five other meal delivery services, including Home Chef, Dinnerly, Green Chef, EveryPlate and the two compared here. My initial conclusion remains: Meal delivery services are a major value-add.

All the meal delivery services I’ve tested are good, worthwhile. You might roll your eyes, but it’s the truth. Sure, some recipes are tastier than others. But really, meal delivery services are largely similar, with equally user-friendly websites, flexible subscription policies and quality ingredients. When it comes down to it, it’s more a matter of finding which one is right for you and your family.

What’s the difference between Blue Apron and HelloFresh?

Blue Apron Vs HellofreshAnnamarie Higley/Taste of Home

Cost & Plan Differences

When it comes to Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh, the companies have a slew of similarities. They’re both meal delivery services that send the makings for professionally developed and tested recipes straight to customers’ doors. The cardboard boxes in which they arrive are insulated and contain ice packs, and the ingredients are divvied up by meal. Both allow users to skip and cancel with ease, though Blue Apron requires you contact customer service to do the latter.

Blue Apron lets subscribers order between two and five meals per week, with two or four servings of each. Meals range between $7.99 and $12.49 per servings, depending on how many you buy. HelloFresh offers as many as six meals per week, with two or four servings of each. Meals range between $9.99 and $11.49, depending on how many you order.

Recipe Variety & Appeal

Aside from the more technical differences like price and subscription plans, I’d categorize Blue Apron as the more gourmet of the two, which might explain the higher price point of some meals. The recipes can be slightly more complex but with them comes exciting flavor profiles. The Hoisin Pork Belly & Miso Ramen that I tested is a great example. Blue Apron is a perfect option for empty nesters or busy foodies. HelloFresh recipes, like the One-Pan Beef Enchiladas Verdes, are a bit simpler in terms of preparation and taste, making it an ideal choice for families.

Unique Add-Ons & Product Lines

Moreover, both companies have a handful of unique add-ons and products that set it apart from the other. For example, Blue Apron has a line of Heat & Eat meals, akin to microwaveable TV dinners—but better, of course. Think Cheesy Truffle Cavatappi or Lemon Chicken. Blue Apron also has a collection of Ready to Cook meals available each week. These baked recipes arrive alongside a recyclable aluminum pan and require little prep before going into the oven. The Miso-Maple Chicken Thighs & Rice that I tested is an example, as well as Squash & Pinto Bean Tacos or Tuscan Sausage & Gnocchi.

HelloFresh, on the other hand, has HelloFresh Market—a robust selection of food items outside the typical dinnertime entree. Think breakfast items, soups, sides, desserts, meats, even fresh produce. This makes the HelloFresh experience closer to that of going to a grocery store, if you so choose. (See more deliverable grocery options.)

All About Blue Apron

Blue ApronAnnamarie Higley/Taste of Home

New York-based Blue Apron was founded in 2012 and has only grown from there. Among the 70-plus options per week, subscribers can choose from recipes that are labeled as premium, craft, carb-conscious, vegetarian, new and notable, and more. Recipes feature fresh ingredients, most of which come directly from producers, that are in keeping with the season. Right now, for instance, customers will see Brussels sprouts, figs, kale, apples and pepitas on the website.

When testing, I found Blue Apron’s offerings to be the most elevated. Both the Miso-Maple Chicken Thighs & Rice and Hoisin Pork Belly & Miso Ramen felt worthy of a restaurant and boasted unexpected flavor combinations that I could tell had been vetted and approved by professional chefs.

There were a couple snafus regarding leaky packaging and mismatched ingredients, but overall, Blue Apron delivers quality and convenience.


Retailer Comparison

Blue Apron

Blue Apron, with 70-plus options on the menu each week, stands out for its elevated recipes with a modest price tag.

All About HelloFresh

Hello Fresh Meal Prep ServiceAnnamarie Higley/Taste of Home

HelloFresh is the flagship brand of the HelloFresh Group, which also owns favorites like Green Chef, EveryPlate, Factor and Good Chop (a meat delivery service). An industry leader, HelloFresh began in Germany in 2011 but has had a presence in the U.S. since 2013. It’s known for its amazing deals, seemingly omnipresent marketing, impressive recipe selection and solid reviews.

HelloFresh, which I’ve now tested thrice, is nothing if not consistent. The recipes, albeit slightly more elementary than those from Blue Apron, are easy to make, even for beginners, and palatable for all types of eaters. Customers can find them categorized by popularity, speed, batch size, caloric content, seasonality and more.

The protein and produce always meet my standards, and the brown-bag packaging of each meals’ ingredients makes for easy organization and prep. Cleanup isn’t always the quickest and quoted cook/prep times aren’t always accurate, but those are small complaints for an overwhelmingly pleasant experience.


Retailer Comparison


HelloFresh is a longtime favorite of meal-kit subscribers, thanks to its universal recipes, fair pricing and customization.

The Bottom Line

Peruse the menus of each before you subscribe! Keep in mind: The pricing is fairly comparable. Generally, I think Blue Apron would be better for young professionals, newlyweds, retirees, self-identified foodies, etc., whereas HelloFresh is best for students or families with young children. However, there will always be exceptions to those rules. Whichever you choose, rest assured the recipes will be yummy, the ingredients will be fresh, and those around your kitchen table will be satisfied.

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