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Make tidying up feel less like a chore with our best home and kitchen cleaning and organizing advice. We’ve rounded up tips and hacks to help your space feel fresh and new.

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The Ultimate Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

Our complete spring cleaning checklist guides you through a deep-cleaning that will breathe new life into your home after a long winter.

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We Tried the Viral Bissell Little Green Machine—And The Results Are Disgustingly Good

If you have kids, pets or can't seem to avoid inevitable spills and stains, take this as your sign to...

I Tried the Farberware Countertop Dishwasher and Dishes Take Me a Fraction of the Time

The Farberware countertop dishwasher is a compact and convenient way to clean your kitchen. Our editor can attest—she's been using...

5 Simple Holiday Cleaning Tips from Babs Costello, ‘The Internet’s Grandma&...

If Babs has a cleaning hack, there's no doubt I'll try it!

AirHood Review: The World’s First Portable Range Hood

The small-but-mighty Airhood slays odors, greasy particles, smoke and is portable enough to take anywhere. No range hood, no problem!

How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent So You Never Have to Buy It Again

To clean clothes, you don't need a detergent packed with complex, smelly and harsh chemicals. Instead, you can quickly mix...

This $12 Wrapping Paper Organizer Is the True Santa’s Helper

Your days of wrangling rolls of paper, ribbons and gift bags are over, thanks to this handy wrapping paper organizer...

6 Ways to Reuse Your Butter Wrappers

Get the most for your money by saving your butter wrapper for these six ingenious hacks.

We Tested the Oven Cleaning Hack That Uses 1 Ingredient

This oven cleaning hack is simple enough; all you need is one lemon! But does it really work?

How to Wash a Baseball Cap Using Three Methods

Find out how to wash a baseball cap without damaging, shrinking or fading your favorite hat!

How to Wash Potatoes

Considering these tubers grow underground, it's no surprise that you'll want to remove the unwanted dirt before enjoying your mashed,...

How to Wash a Comforter to Prevent Dust Mites and Keep It Soft

With mattress pads, sheets, comforters, pillow shams and duvet covers, washing bedding can get complicated! Find out how to wash...

Ruggable Outdoor Review: This Washable Rug Keeps My Deck Looking Perfect

Ruggable outdoor rugs are known for the fact that they're machine-washable, but their versatility and stylishness are just as noteworthy.

How to Wash a Backpack

Find out how to wash a backpack without damaging it, plus our favorite trick for sticky zippers!

How to Dry Clean at Home in 3 Ways

Learn how to dry clean at home without shrinking or damaging your delicate clothing.

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Meet the Electric Spin Scrubber That Makes Cleaning My Shower Way More Enjoyable

I didn't know how dirty my tub was until I cleaned it with the Labigo electric spin scrubber on Amazon.

How to Hand-Wash Clothes the Right Way

Delicate clothing requires special treatment. Here's how to hand-wash clothes in a few simple steps.

Scrub Daddy’s Summer Shapes Include the Cutest Octopus, Crab and Shark

Cleaning just got beachy with the adorable Scrub Daddy summer shapes!

The Heavy-Duty Scrub Daddy Grill Brush Is Bristle-Free and Cleans with Steam

The secret to better-tasting burgers? A deep-cleaning Scrub Daddy grill brush.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

Stainless steel cookware can easily attract burnt-on food bits. Here's how to clean stainless steel pans and make them shine...

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I Tried the Bissell Steam Shot All Over My Home—and the Results Are Mind-Blowing

Think your home is clean? My Bissell Steam Shot review certainly made me second guess the cleanliness of my bathroom...

How to Clean a Mattress

Get rid of nasty mattress stains and smells with this guide on how to clean a mattress (and how often...

Turn Any Bag Into a Ziploc with These Nifty Clips

Our Shopping Editor swapped her chip clips for these easy-to-store bag clips—here's why.

How to Clean a TV Screen

This is how to clean a TV screen, ridding it of smudges, fingerprints and dust. No harsh chemicals needed!

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How to Clean Suede Shoes Without Ruining The Texture

Find out how to clean suede shoes so they look brand new, and protect them from dirt and moisture.

This Mounted Drying Rack Makes Laundry Day So Much Easier

Tired of bumping into your stand-up drying rack? Say hello to this genius, easy-to-mount laundry hanging rack.

How to Clean White Shoes to Keep Them Looking Like New

White shoes look great, but they get dirty quickly. Here's how to clean white shoes the right way—including sneakers, leather...

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

Before you heft your weighted blanket into the washing machine, check the label! Here's how to wash a weighted blanket...

The Best Way to Clean Every Type of Floor

Check out our mega list of methods and products for the best way to clean floors—including vinyl, hardwood and bamboo.

These Magnetic Refrigerator Shelves Maximize the Empty Space on the Side of Your Fridge

Keep your countertops tidy and your spices within reach with magnetic refrigerator shelves.