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Have a Holly Jolly Safe Holiday

The holiday season is upon us! Thoughts of glowing tree lights and the comfy coziness that warms our homes…the soft flicker of candles and the delicious scents that evoke childhood memories…the Christmas tree itself, decked with old and new ornaments, a place to gather ‘round and snuggle in with hot cocoa. Ah, what a sweet…

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Welcome! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me here at Ellen Marie at Home. I want to invite you into my new home and offer you a drink, a little something to nosh on, and a comfortable seat, so we can chat about all things home. I make wreaths and floral…

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Blog “About Me”

Hello! My name is Ellen Rossano, and I am so happy to welcome you to Ellen Marie at Home! Every blog has an “About Me” section, and it’s right up there with crafting a resume – it’s a difficult thing to write. Since this blog is about all things home, let’s start there. This new…

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