Freezing Recipes

Make it once, enjoy it twice with frozen recipes that taste just as good the second time around.

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    We Are Drooling Over These Viral Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Clusters

    These sweet treats are being called the "snack of the summer"!

    Coconut-Almond Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

    1 review

    This ice cream tastes like Almond Joy candy bars. Using a toaster oven and countertop ice cream maker couldn't make...

    How to Organize a Freezer in 5 Steps

    Sick of digging through popsicles and bags of frozen peas to find tonight's dinner? Learn how to organize a freezer...

    The Best Freezer Containers to Keep Food Fresh

    The best freezer containers make meal prep easier and preserve leftovers for longer.

    The Best Upright Freezers of 2023

    On a budget? Short on space? No matter your needs, we found the best upright freezer for you!

    Cake Balls

    1 review

    18 Thanksgiving Leftovers You Can Store in the Freezer (and 3 You Can’t)

    Freezing leftover Thanksgiving food allows you to enjoy leftovers long after the holiday. Here's what to freeze and how to...

    No-Churn Eggnog Soft-Serve Ice Cream

    1 review

    As a fanatical lover of all things eggnog, I like to say that this soft-serve eggnog ice cream stole my...

    Fried Lasagna

    3 reviews

    One of my favorite dishes at Olive Garden is their fried lasagna. On a whim, I tried to recreate it...

    Copycat Celebration Cheesecake

    1 review

    Both my children were born on the same day five years apart, so I like to make an elaborate dessert...

    Creamy Pina Colada Pie

    1 review

    This is a family favorite and super easy to make. Some like the consistency of this pina colada pie right...

    Bourbon and Cornflakes Ice Cream

    1 review

    Humphry Slocombe's Secret Breakfast is a rich vanilla ice cream infused with bourbon. Crunchy golden brown cornflake cookies are swirled...

    Strawberry Sorbet

    5 reviews

    I actually first made a raspberry sorbet with an abundance of raspberries I had growing, but this simple...

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    45 Make-Ahead Freezer Meals for Super-Busy Nights

    When all you have time for is a quick reheat in the oven, these delicious lasagnas, soups, enchiladas, pot roasts...

    Is Food with Freezer Burn Safe to Eat?

    Your package of frozen ground beef is covered with ice crystals, which isn't ideal. Now you're wondering if food with...

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    56 Pork Freezer Meals to Help You out in a Pinch

    Busy weeknights call for thinking, and cooking, ahead. Each of these pork freezer meals can be made ahead and frozen...

    Bourbon Ice Cream

    The brown sugar in this decadent bourbon ice cream gives a hint of caramel flavor, which complements the bourbon. When...

    Kilbourn Sandwich

    1 review

    This is a fun take on a Monte Cristo. It makes a big batch, so you can stock your freezer...

    8 Popsicle Molds to Make Your Own Frozen Sweet Treat This Summer

    Savor summer's fruity goodness in ice pop form! Here are the best popsicle molds to make cool treats for hot...

    14 Best Freezer Organizers of 2023

    Give your freezer a much-needed clean up with these genius freezer organizers. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

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    Best Ever Vanilla Ice Cream

    6 reviews

    This ice cream is technically a custard since it contains eggs. After lots of testing (and tasting), I've found that...

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    The 6 Best Freezer Containers for Soup of 2023

    Welcome cooler weather with these top freezer containers for soups and stews. We found sturdy trays, containers and jars.

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    How to Freeze Vegetables and Fruits

    Can you freeze raw vegetables and fruits? Many veggies keep better if you blanch them first, while most fruits can...

    Is Your Freezer Set to the Right Temperature?

    Love to store make-ahead meals in your freezer? Be sure that your food stays fresh by finding the right average...

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    Our Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food

    Whether you're a make-ahead meal planner or can't stand to see leftovers go to waste, these tips for freezing food...

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    How to Protect Your Food from Freezer Burn

    Learn how to stop freezer burn in its tracks.

    How to Freeze Wedding Cake for Your First Anniversary

    This step-by-step guide for how to freeze wedding cake will help you celebrate your first anniversary with the tradition of...

    How to Freeze Corn: 3 Different (and Easy!) Ways

    Save those kernels! Follow along as we show you how to freeze corn three ways.

    Triple Chocolate Ricotta Ice Cream

    1 review

    You're going to fall in love with this thick, luxuriously rich ice cream made with ricotta cheese. It has a...

    Can I Freeze a Bottled Starbucks Frappuccino?

    This genius hack means you can have Frappuccinos on demand.

    How to Freeze Zucchini

    Wondering how to freeze zucchini? To stretch the classic summer vegetable beyond harvest season, we'll explain everything you need to...